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Subject: s*x on a first date
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cuttiey7 21.03.16 - 09:14pm
What do you guys think about having s*x on a first date..... *

lovejyot 27.03.16 - 04:04am
nice one hehe *

luvcaged 8.04.16 - 02:18pm
I have never fked a b*tch like that my whole life, its like I was a beast or something. *

sfz 10.04.16 - 11:29am
If the chemistry is there , then y not? *

cuttiey7 12.04.16 - 02:03pm
Don't you consider the gal to be sl*ty? *

luvcaged 12.04.16 - 05:35pm
Isn't that exactly what she is? *

cuttiey7 13.04.16 - 09:14am
Nope *

johnlong 13.04.16 - 01:13pm
that not bad

seeksbbw 14.04.16 - 06:53pm
If there is attraction there might be kissing. And if there is kissing there might be s*x... I think as long as both are sure there will be more dates and you can establish that there is no serious mismatch of expectations then it would be a wonderful start to a relationship. It has happened for me a few times in the past. *

cuttiey7 14.04.16 - 08:06pm
And have the relationships worked before? *

ovirion 1.05.16 - 09:33pm
looking for a real love girl who care for eternal love as do. *

ovirion 1.05.16 - 09:36pm
Any one available? please dont fake your love.Be sincere pls. *

pierre36 3.05.16 - 10:05am
mmm why not? *

ovirion 6.05.16 - 06:47pm
having s*x at first date is absolutely bad idea.Any one involved in such must be unserious minded n purposely driven one. *

ovirion 6.05.16 - 06:52pm
Does love resolves just around s*x?Is s*x a symptom of love? Can s*x survive without love, in hard time would it be found? *

dr.r 7.05.16 - 07:01am
Could be hot,its nice tho,every one likes it so why not?

nob89 28.05.16 - 08:22am
Not if itwas going to be a long term relationship ... But a one night stand can be fun strings etc *

akiarya 7.06.16 - 05:11pm
Hai gals..who are there *

valatine 8.06.16 - 10:44am
Why not . Might as well start off the way you want to carry on

shezzy 29.08.16 - 01:46pm
Nothing bad about it,people think about it in other way *

abdumoney 17.09.16 - 12:33am
nice and very interesting to have on first date i always did *

wekxb 16.06.17 - 01:54pm
It really depends *

warded 16.06.17 - 04:05pm
I'm not going to push it. It is either their choice or not. meditate.GIF *

musengeemmanuel 15.08.17 - 11:49am
s*x is life I like fking harder all girls cries

brevand 29.08.17 - 09:12am
It's healthy for a start in a relationship *

alirimi 21.09.17 - 09:07am
it depends on chemistry and attraction between both of them. *

coolcd 2.11.17 - 03:49am
why wud only girl b sl*t if had s*x on first date and not the guy.. this thinking is wrong... having s*x on first date means both guy and girl are not only attracted to each other but also have same level of s*xual hunger. There is nothing wrong in such a couple having s*x on the first date.. why wait for the 2nd , 3rd etc when they can find out psyical compatibility on first date it self :-) what if dated for many months and when finally have s*x one finishes too soon when the other was just getting started and realising they cant satisfy each others hunger? *

quantly 15.11.17 - 06:54pm
s*x on the first date is a do you know that the guy is really into you or your body? do you know if you will see him again? why would any woman do that? *

coolcd 16.11.17 - 12:52am
how would d guy no if the girl is really into your body or you. do u no if she will see u again.. why wud any man do it? its soo old school to think guy gets s*x from girl.. both parties equally get satisfied in bed... most cases its the girl who enjoy more.. guys dont scream with their eyes closed when girl riding them.. its always the girl who screams in pleasure *

4natezn 1.12.17 - 09:25pm
Always happens. Chemistry is the key *

bobbyflex 10.04.18 - 07:57pm
Everything depend on the man... *

skipopo 12.09.18 - 01:17pm
Its normal, it base on MATURITY LEVEL, n if dey ve feelings for each other n in other way, if d Lady cu m n u didnt touch her or s*x, she may b luking u as small Boi...Everytin based on maturity... Jah Bless Me n U+Ourselves. *

sexy 9.10.18 - 04:21am
It's what they both feel if comfort level goes enough to be that close and you don't feel any regret it's best time one can have in life *

ahirijacob 19.07.19 - 04:47pm
it will be wonderful *

jameswalker 21.07.19 - 07:14pm
what's the difference between the 1st date and the 18th date... game the same *

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